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Thunder Bay is uniquely positioned to become a national leader in creating new approaches and opportunities that build a sustainable world for the next generation that provides quality of life for all.

We believe this change has to start at a local and neighbourhood level and that electing a team of city councillors who will work together to support the leap manifesto and endorse this vision will be an important first step.

1 We are committed to building and honouring relationships with Indigenous communities that centre and uphold their inherent rights and title to their lands.

2 We will ensure the return of good jobs to our city by becoming a hub for manufacturing the infrastructure that shifts Thunder Bay and the rest of the country to 100% renewable energy.

3 We are committed to ending homelessness in Thunder Bay and advocating for a guaranteed annual income that provides a dignified standard of living.

4 We are committed to retrofitting and creating energy efficient housing, and reducing traffic through prioritizing enhanced public transit and walkability.

5 We are committed to protecting homes and businesses by investing in infrastructure that is prepared for climate change.

6 We support the development and expansion of strategies to increase local food production and economies.

7 Local small businesses are the heart of our community and we will support transparent zoning and tax policies that put them first.

8 We will develop innovative strategies to attract, support and retain newcomers to Thunder Bay, no matter their place of origin.

9 We support increasing access to affordable childcare and making neighbourhoods supportive, safe and enjoyable for families, children and youth.

10 We are committed to saving tax dollars by prioritizing the utilization and rejuvenation of the spaces and places within the city that lie empty.

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